Olsthoorn Kassenbouw

Greenhouse building

Why build with Olsthoorn ?

Professional, reliable, and affordable. Are all words we can confidently use to describe the Olsthoorn operation. From demolition, green field to re-build we will realise your project. Our team will plan and construct your glasshouse with precision and quality assured.

Building your vision
All recycled materials will be inspected and where deemed unsuitable they will be substituted with brand new. The end result is an affordable greenhouse which is as “good as new”. We also specialise in construction of offices, canteens and other business buildings. For this type of project we can supply sandwich panels, coated
frames and tinted/mirrored glass.

The Standard
Building a greenhouse is not something a grower invests in every day. At Olsthoorn we take your plans very seriously. We work precisely to the official NEN-standard. We also have close connections with commercial greenhouse insurers to make sure the project is built with risk management in mind.

Business premises
Olsthoorn BV is also specialised in constructing business premises. We use modern materials such as sandwich panels, coated frames and tinted/mirrored glass.