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Fire, storm, flood or snow damage. A catastrophe for both commercial and personal reasons. Such an accident always comes unexpectedly and destroys, within a few moments, your company infrastructure. Olsthoorn will be immediately at your disposal to keep the consequential loss and business interruption to a minimum.

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damage repair

In a situation like this is every day that your company is not in operation one too many. Therefore, the necessity that you in consultation with your insurance the right party chooses to recover and take stock of the damage. Olsthoorn has extensive experience in recovering damages regardless of the size of the plot. Olsthoorn BV acts not only as a consultant and educator, but also as counsellor to bring your company back on track. Your interest is paramount and in consultation with your insurance can there be passed very soon to carry out the work.

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If you will agree to corporate with Olsthoorn BV, we will provide you from start to finish down the stretch is closely involved in all activities that are carried out by us. We have knowledgeable staff and professional machines. In addition, many work to be carried out manual work. A company recover after damage is very complex but not strange to us. We will not leave before your business is fully recovered and you are satisfied.


Do you have damage and are you considering having it repaired or demolished? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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greenhouse parts

Do you have limited damage and only need greenhouse parts? We have many used parts, horticultural materials and complete greenhouses in our stock.

View our offer or contact service@olsthoorn.eu or tel 0174-244 344.

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