Olsthoorn Kassenbouw

Fire Damage

Fire damage have unwanted consequences for your entire company. To ensure that you can surgically again in a very short time, we will accompany you in the entire process. Public health, safety and the environment are important aspects. We will recover your business from day 1 based on a inventory and a organised cleaning plan.
This particular peril requires specialist handling. Olsthoorn has the relevant experience and qualification. In the event, we carry out an initial inspection and inventory of the damage. We then make a plan of action including a full risk assessment and due diligence survey. This operation is carried out in cooperation with your insurer

Our action plan is based on the following points:
• Inventory asbestos-containing materials (if any)
• Risk of further collapse Health and Safety collapse
• Environmental audit . contamination eg: soot deposits or fuel/chemical spillage
Establish necessary cleaning materials. COSHH regulations apply
• timeline plan of the work considering business interruption
• making plan of action/demolition plan
• payment terms in consultation with your insurance