Olsthoorn Kassenbouw


For the beginning of Olsthoorn BV we go back to the year 1971. The then young twenties, Jan Olsthoorn, as a young entrepreneur started his own demolition company; The demolition of horticultural greenhouses, especially in Westland, Holland. In the beginning was the demolition of greenhouses mainly manual work assisted by a truck to the waste depot. The small demolition company quickly flourished due to the increasing new construction in the area, causing many growers wanting to replace old glass. Within a few years the company became a serious player in the world of the greenhouses demolition.

To further develop the business, Olsthoorn began at the beginning of the 1980s with saving greenhouse materials for worldwide sales. The concrete, plastic and soil was drained and the other materials were systematically stored on the yard of Olsthoorn. Sales of the old greenhouse contributed to the cost of the new and the business grew exponentially. This is a win win situation.
The re-built greenhouse appears as good as a new one and is fully guaranteed.