Olsthoorn Kassenbouw



Olsthoorn BV reflects sustainability as no other. By CSR, it provides for the needs of contemporary garden construction-related customers without endangering future raw material ability. “Reccling is a serious business and Olsthoorn BV understands that to the fullest.”


Olsthoorn BV is VCA**, SVMS007 en ISO9001 certificated. For all company process that means optimal dedication for safety and invironment both in workplaces and office according to demolish, deliver and buiilding greenhouses worldwide.

Machine park

always works according to the latest environmental directives for industrial machines. the machine park is annually updated and complies with the strict European standard.


Olsthoorn BV aim to continue to take the level of sustainability and CSR to keep upgrading. Sustainability is the key word for future generation and if they can contribute to a safe, environmentally friendly prosperous future for these generations, Olsthoorn will deliver their contribution.