Olsthoorn Kassenbouw

New construction at 'Beauty Ladies' in Germany

At our German customer ‘Beauty Ladies’ Olsthoorn built a splendid 2-hectare project. The plant company has been successful for more than 30 years, which is reason enough to ask some interesting questions.

1. How long have you been active in growing?
My father started growing in 1982. Back then, he only planted a small amount of different plants on a few square meters, but continued to enlarge the company. I am self-employed in horticulture since 2008, when I got into family business.

2. How do you serve the market?
We grow youngplants of calluna (Beauty Ladies), lavendula and cuphea hysso. These products, we also produce as blooming ready products on more than 20ha. The youngplants usually go directly to the growers, who are 80% german. The other 20% go to the rest of Europe. Our finished products are going to all different kind of clients, from little flower shops to garden center chains. We also sell them to construction markets and grocery retailers.

3. What is the specialty of Beauty Ladies?
Beauty Ladies are Calluna bud bloomers, which are breeded by Edens Creation. They offer bright colours, have a perfect shape and last very long. We are successfully producing and selling combinations with up to 5 different colours. Additionally, every year, we are choosing out of different new breeding results a couple of new high value product introductions. Like this, we can enlarge our product range constantly.

4. What kind of greenhouse do you have?
We have 5ha of greenhouses, type Venloblock. The hight is between 4,00m and 5,00m. The last two hectar we set up with the well-known company Olsthoorn.

5. Why have you chosen for an Olsthoorn Greenhouse?
When we worked with Olsthoorn the first time in 2013, we were really satisfied. After that, we decided to keep on working with them when we enlarged our greenhouse area. The way they work is impressive and we are always happy with the results. Even with our last project with Olsthoorn, which was quite difficult and not everthing went perfectly in the first moment, we found a good solution together in the end.

6. Finally, what are your main goals for the future?
The most important thing: Keep everyone happy! We have to deliver good quality to the clients, make sure that all our employees work in a good environment and that they are able to develop. Also, we have to keep on looking for more highly motivated growers to be ready for the challenging future.