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Interview with owner of Topplants Poland

Last month we interviewed Mr. Stefan Wiśniewski, owner of Topplants, a selling and building company for greenhouses in Poland. In this interview Mr. Wiśniewski spoke about the business going on in Poland.

How long have you been active in selling and building greenhouses?
Top Plants Poland started at the end of the last century, in 1992, which seems like prehistory now. The cooperation with Olsthoorn started in 1995. That was an important step for us. From that moment we could take part professionally in the business of selling and building greenhouses.

Is horticulture in your country developing and growing?
Every year we build new surfaces, so yes, it’s developing and growing. Just like in the Netherlands, in Poland there are less and less growers, but with bigger nurseries, so the surface area per building project is increasing. Our building rates are like shares, we experience some fluctuation, but in general we are far from complaining. The quality of building is developing and in Poland we are looking forward to new times ahead, with nurseries deciding to replace old greenhouses with newer ones, or modernising their existing greenhouses, so that they are better equipped to save on exploitation costs.

What kind of crops do you mostly see in your country?
Most of the glasshouses are for vegetables – mostly tomatoes, somewhat less for cucumbers and a small surface for the rest, like salads or herbs; also some strawberries. The pepper production is only in a plastic tunnels. The rest of the glasshouses are for flowers like roses, tulips, anthurium, Phalaenopsis, alstroemeria, gerbera, freesia and seasonal plants (balcony plants, chrysanthemum, poinsettia) etc.

What is the size of the horti market and how many acres are built each year?
That’s not easy to answer because many publications and statistics give different quantities, but we can count around 3,200 hectares – approx. a half of this surface for glasshouses. 50 hectares are built each year; some years are lower than this, but we have also had years with more than 100 hectares per year.

Which country does Poland export the most horticulture products to?
Poland exports to Eastern countries – the biggest but most unstable market is Russia; quite a lot is exported to Lithuania, Hungary Czech Rep. and Slovakia. The west European countries that Poland focuses on are Germany and the UK, France, Italy, Holland, and also Spain during the summer.

Finally, what are your main goals for the future?
To stay the biggest and best quality second hand supplier in Poland, and to
make our nurseries suitable for a modern future. With Olsthoorn on our side we are perfectly capable of guaranteeing stability, quality and durability.

Owner of Topplants Poland
Stefan Wiśniewski