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Interview with owner of Asia Shafa

Last month we interviewed Mr. Nourmand Khanjari, owner of Asia Shafa, a selling and building company for greenhouses in Iran. In this interview Mr. Khanjari spoke about the business going on in Iran.

How long have you been active in selling and building greenhouses?
I did start my business as a horticulture supplier at 2001 just after my graduation from university.
For the first time in the country, I bring the new hydroponics techniques for rose production. That was difficult step but good way to start. After establishing and setup some nice hydroponics projects, my company –asia shafa giah Ltd.- start installing glass greenhouses from Olsthoorn, Pad&Fan cooling system form Termotechnica pericoli, automation systems from Priva, and so many other equipment form well-known companies around the world for Iranian farmers.

Is greenhouse in your country developing and growing?
Yes. Iran had a big plan to develop greenhouse projects from 2002. For almost 10 years, too many greenhouse projects build and or developed around the country. Unfortunately, that developing stopped by, in my opinion, unfair sanctions. Now, Iran start again developing greenhouse projects by bigger plan by bigger project.

What kind of crops do you mostly see in your country?
There are all kind of vegetables and flower production in Iran but the main crops are same as many other countries; Roses, Lilium, Gladiolus, Anthurium, Gerbera, … are the main greenhouse flower. Cucumber, Tomato and pepper are the most greenhouse vegetables production in Iran.
In the north of Iran, there are more potplants, and in the south of the country, there are more open field vegetables production.

What is the size of the greenhouse market and how many acres are built each year?
Base of official report there are more than 7000 ha greenhouse in Iran, which mostly are old structure and need to remodel or upgraded. Maybe 1000 ha has been build last 15 years by new structure.
By new development plan, maybe 500 ha greenhouse build yearly in Iran.

Which country does Iran export the most greenhouse products to?
Iran has more than 70 million population which buying vegetables and flower is part of their culture. Therefore, most part of greenhouse production sold in local market. In the other hand, Iran is traditional supplier of potplants and vegetables products for Central Aisa, Russia and Middle East countries. These are still main market of Iranian horticulture products.

Finally, what are your main goals for the future?
Using my experience to be part of Iran greenhouse development plan and continue as greenhouse project manager.

Owner of Asia Shafa Iran
Nourmand Khanjari Kakavandi